Stelina Ndreu, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana

Stelina Ndreu is currently the President of the Student Council at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana. In addition to leading the student body during the last two years, during this time he has been actively engaged in initiatives and activities that promote the interests and well-being of young people. Stelina's journey as President of the Student Council has given her valuable knowledge about the concerns, aspirations and challenges that our youth faces today. She strongly believes that the representation of young people in bodies like KKR is of great importance. KKR provides a valuable platform for the voices and perspectives of young people to be heard and acknowledged, shaping the policies and decisions that affect the younger generation. Stelina aims to bring to KKR her passion for youth advocacy, leadership and her commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people. She is convinced that her commitment is in line with KKR's goals and values and is looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with individuals who share a vision for a brighter future for our youth.

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